Tube Ropes & Bridles

Tube Ropes & Bridles
Heavy duty tube tow ropes for 1 to 2 person tubing or up to 5 people, we have the rope for you
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Our tube ropes come in the following sizes:

- Tube Rope best for 1 and 2 person tubes, up to 340 pounds maximum total rider weight. 60’ length, with an average 2,375 lbs. break strength

- Heavy Duty Tube Rope - the mack daddy of tube ropes! Like our other tube ropes, this one is 60’ in length. But this one is a monstrous 3/4” in diameter, rated for 1,020 pounds (6 riders) maximum total rider weight. 6,100 pounds average break strength.

Other options include quick connect bridles and tow harnesses bridles.

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