ACR Floating Gear Ditch Bag

ACR Floating Gear Ditch Bag
Ideal for keeping all of your safety items stowed together
NZ$ 39.90
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ACR RapidDitch Express Bulkhead Mount Buoyant Abandon Ship Survival Gear Bag Features:

  • Large capacity holds your essential gear for abandon ship situations
  • Bag mounts to bulkhead via soft bracket (included) or stows in easy access location
  • Four snap-hook tethers keep product in place
  • Closed cell "life jacket" foam construction
  • Internal pockets, elastic daisy chain organizer
  • Water resistant, rugged fabric 600 Denier Polyester with large self-repairing zippers
  • Built in Tether Strap for Bag to allow hands free use in water
  • External Pocket allows for instant access to EPIRB

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