CTEK 12 V 5 Amp Trickle Charger

CTEK 12 V 5 Amp Trickle Charger
Our most popular and reliable battery trickle charger
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"The smartest battery charger in the world"

Delivered with two interchangeable connection leads, one with clamps, and one with eyelet terminals.
The charger can be connected for months, ideal for seasonal vehicles.
Compact design with mounting holes for permanent assembly.
5 year warranty.


Desulphation with pulses restores sulphated batteries. This is indicated with a fixed beam during this step.
Soft start Starting mode for charging cycle. The start step continues until the battery terminal voltage has risen above the set value, at which time the charging switches to bulk charge. If the terminal voltage has not reached the set level within a set time, the charge is stopped and the charger indicates error mode. The battery is then probably defective or too large.

Bulk Main charge

until 80% of the charge is complete. The charge is carried out at maximum current charge until the terminal voltage reaches the set level. Bulk charging has a maximum time. The charging then switches to Absorption.

Absorption Final

part of the charge up to 100%. During this step the charge current falls gradually to ensure the terminal voltage does not get too high. If the maximum time for Absorption is exceeded, the charger switches automatically to maintenance.

Analysis Tests the self-discharge.

If the self discharge is too high, the charging is interrupted and error mode indicated.


Reconditioning of deeply discharged batteries. This step is used to restore deeply discharged open vented batteries. With increased charging voltage over a limited time, the voltage is allowed to rise so that the battery starts to emit gas. As a result you get a mix in the battery that is good both for its capacity and service life. Note that the battery may emit explosive gases during this step. Recond takes place between the analysis and maintenance steps. When choosing the Recond-mode, the charger will first charge your battery up to full-charged. When this is done the charger will start the Recond and the upper Recond-lamp will lit. The charger reconditions the battery between 30 min and 4 hours depending on the need of the battery. Once the recond is done, the charger will switch into maintenance-mode (green light for fully charged). The bottom Recond-lamp will still be on as a reminder that you have chosen the Recond.

Maintenance charge –

Float Charging with constant voltage.

Maintenance charge – Pulse

The state of charge varies between 95% and 100%. The battery receives a pulse when the voltage has dropped to a predefined level. This keeps the battery in trim when not in use. The charger could be connected for months at a time. Check the water level in the battery if possible. The charger measures the terminal voltage continuously to determine whether a charge pulse should be started. If the battery is loaded and/or the terminal voltage drops, the charger starts a charge pulse so that the terminal voltage rises to the set level. The charge pulse is then finished and the cycle is restarted. If the terminal voltage drops even lower, the charger automatically reverts to the beginning of the charge cycle.

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