Yamaha Outboards - Reliability You Can Trust

Save up to $5,500 on a new Yamaha Outboard with Yamaha & Turangi Marine's latest fully fitted promo.  

"Reel in the Good Times" with their fully fitted deals on the following outboards:

F50 - $13,499* - Save $3,000

F70 - $16,499* - Save $3,000

F75 - $17,499* - Save $3,000

F115 - $20,999* - Save $5,500

From $0 deposit finance, you won't beat this fully fitted deal on from 1st May until 31st July 2024.  

Includes 703 remote control, 6Y8 gauges, propeller, control cables and fitting of these (and the outboard).

Excludes removal of old outboard motor and controls, repairs to electrical, fuel, steering, transom or dash systems*

*Terms & Condition's Apply.

Your Best Mate Yamaha Portable Deal with Turangi Marine 

"Get your Best Mate on Board" with these portable auxiliary outboard deals from Yamaha & Turangi Marine.   Save up to $2,161 on the following outboards:

2hp 2 stroke outboard - $899* - Save $231

F4 - $1,799* - Save up to $521

F8 - $3,699* - Save up to $1,141

F25 SWTHC - $6,799* - Save $2,161

F25 LMHC - $5,699* - Save $1,801
*Outboard only - excludes fuel, electrical, steering, transom or dash systems

**Terms & Condition's Apply.

This portable promotion runs from 1st February until 30th April 2024.  Terms & Condition's Apply.

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Auxilary Range

From trawling, to exploring your piece of paradise, there is a reliable Yamaha portable auxiliary to suit your application instore now

Mid Range

Yamaha's mid range outboards have sleek low-profile cowling design, with a silky-smooth four-cylinder engine configuration.  Our light weight outboard look as good as they perform.

High Horse Power

Whether it is power out of the hole, venturing offshore or sticking to the rivers and bay, reliability is the name of of game in Yamaha's high horse power 4 stroke range

Yamaha - Leading the Marine Industry 

For more than 30 years, Yamaha owners get something that can’t be measured in HP or RPM—legendary Yamaha reliability. Yamaha continues to revolutionize the marine industry with industry-firsts and enhancements. These exciting developments include:

  • the XTO - purpose-built from the ground up to withstand the rigors of offshore boating;
  • V6 VF200 is the latest V MAX SHO available in a 25-inch shaft – expanding its application reach to anglers and boaters;
  • And the newest Helm Master EX  - a world-first, single-engine joystick compatibility, more automated fishing modes and true Autopilot,

Together, Turangi Marine and Yamaha deliver something far more than superior power, performance and efficiency – reliability customised to our client’s application.  Our skilled industry experience means you will get reliability every time.  Wanting an auxiliary, repower, or new boat quote, reliability starts with Turangi Marine Limited. 

Yamaha Finance and Insurance


Yamaha Marine offer great financing options.

There are several options available to suit your lifestyle or circumstance.

Contact us to organise a customised quote.

Yamaha Marine Insurance is underwritten by HDI Global Specialty SE- New Zealand Branch  Insurance.

YMI benefits include comparable premium quoting and with layup options.  YMI prefers franchised mechanics, and has a A rating.   We can even complete claims under $2,000 directly with you, rather than involve the insurance company - it is that easy to deal with YMI.  

Contact us for a comparable quote today.