Launching & Retrieving

Launching & Retrieving
Launching and retrieving your boat can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to boating. Follow these general tips to help you out in and out of the water:
1. Before leaving home, ensure that the boat is properly secured to the trailer with the bow eye and transom straps.
2. Check that the drain plug is in place and all equipment is properly stowed.
3. At the boat ramp, remove any tie-down straps, covers, prop flags or other equipment that may obstruct the boat' or engines movement.
4. Back the trailer down the ramp until the boat's stern is floating in the water.
5. Slowly and steadily release the bow eye and transom straps to allow the boat to float off the trailer.
6. Start the boat and move it away from the dock or ramp to a safe distance.
1. Approach the dock or ramp slowly and cautiously.
2. Position the boat in line with dock and shut off the engine.
3. Attach a bow line to the boat and secure it to the dock or a cleat on the trailer.
4. Slowly back the trailer into the water until it reaches the correct depth.
5. Align the trailer with the boat's bow and back it in until the boat is resting on the bunks.
6. Shut off the engine and secure the boat to the trailer with the bow eye and transom straps.
7. Retrieve any equipment from the water, such as fenders or lines.
8. Clean boat hull and reattach prop flag, undo bungs to let access water out
Practice launching and retrieving your boat in a safe and controlled environment before attempting to do so in a busy marina or crowded boat ramp. Also, make sure to observe any local laws or regulations regarding boat launch and retrieval procedures. If you need any trailer, boat or engine queries please contact the team at Turangi Marine

Posted: Sat 29 Apr 2023