Manual & Auto Inflatable Lifejackets

Manual & Auto Inflatable Lifejackets
Both manual inflatable and auto-inflatable lifejackets have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between the two ultimately depends on your personal preference and the type of boating activities you engage in.
Manual inflatable lifejackets require the wearer to manually pull a cord to activate the CO2 cartridge and inflate the jacket. These jackets are generally less expensive than auto-inflatable jackets and are preferred by some boaters who want to have more control over when the jacket inflates. They are also typically lighter and more comfortable to wear for extended periods.
On the other hand, auto-inflatable lifejackets use a hydrostatic pressure sensor or a dissolvable tablet that reacts to water to automatically inflate the jacket when submerged. These jackets are preferred by some boaters who engage in high-risk activities like offshore fishing, sailing, or racing where there is a higher chance of falling overboard and being knocked unconscious. They also have a lower risk of accidentally inflating in wet conditions or in heavy rain.
Ultimately, the choice between a manual or auto-inflatable lifejacket depends on your personal preferences and the type of boating you engage in. Both types of lifejackets meet the same safety standards and provide adequate protection in case of an emergency. It is important to remember that wearing any type of lifejacket is essential for your safety while boating.
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Posted: Tue 09 May 2023