Downriggers - Manual or Auto?

Downriggers - Manual or Auto?
Downriggers help control the depth your fishing line is deployed. Here are some tips for using downriggers effectively:
1. Manual vs Auto: The size of your boat, weight you'll be trolling and depth you plan to fish will affect which downrigger you select. Different downriggers have different weight capacities and features, so choose one that suits your needs.
2. Downrigger Mounting : Proper installation is crucial for its functionality. Mount securely on your boat's gunwale or transom. Ensure that the mounting base is stable. Is it easily removable to allow for retrieving and stowing your boat safely?
3. Downrigger weights + Shapes : Weights depend on the depth you want to reach and the speed at which you're trolling. Heavier weights allow for deeper trolling, lighter for shallower depths.
4. Consider target species and their preferred depth. Use a depth finder or fish finder to locate the desired depth where the fish are holding.
5. Release clip tension: The release clip is a crucial component that holds the fishing line in place until a fish strikes. Adjust the tension of the release clip so that it securely holds the line but can release it smoothly when a fish bites. Too much tension can prevent the release, while too little tension can result in false releases.
6. Avoid tangles: Ensure that your fishing line is properly deployed and not tangled around the downrigger cable or any other equipment. Pay attention to the position of your fishing rod and line to minimize tangles.
7. Vary your trolling speed: Some fish prefer a faster presentation, while others respond better to a slower trolling speed. Adjust your boat's speed accordingly to increase your chances of success.
8. Be mindful of boat control: Keep an eye on your course, maintain a consistent speed, and adjust your trolling motor or engine as needed to stay on track. Good boat control helps present your bait or lure effectively and increases your chances of attracting fish.
9. Remember to comply with local fishing regulations and practices, and always prioritize safety while using downriggers.
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Posted: Tue 11 Jul 2023