Prevent Carbon Build Up

Prevent Carbon Build Up
1. Use high-quality fuel with the proper octane rating. Poor-quality or old fuel can cause carbon deposits to build up quickly.
2. Avoid idling for too long - your engine won't get enough air and fuel to burn off the carbon. If you need to idle for an extended period, try to do so in neutral.
3. Run the engine at high speeds - this helps burn off any carbon deposits that may have accumulated. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maximum speed.
4. Use the recommended oil for your outboard motor, and change it regularly and according to your warranty specification's. Old or incorrect oil can cause carbon buildup.
5. Regular maintenance, such as changing the spark plugs, cleaning the carburetor, and checking the ignition timing, can prevent carbon buildup.
6. Make sure the exhaust system is clear of any debris or buildup. A clogged exhaust system can cause carbon to build up in the engine.
7. If you're not using your outboard motor for an extended period, store it properly. Drain the fuel tank and run the engine until it stalls to prevent fuel from going bad and causing carbon buildup.
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Posted: Thu 28 Sep 2023