Caring for your Watersports Toys

Caring for your Watersports Toys
Help care for your tube and elongate its life by:
1. Check valves are closed tightly.
2. Using the correct weight loading.
3. Carrying your tube - do not drag on the ground.
4. Storing - lay flat or roll the tube – don’t fold tubes
5. Release the air on occasion – heat during the day increases pressure in the inner tube.
6. Avoid overinflation.
7. Use the correct inflator for the tube (stick with the same brand

Sand is abrasive - sand can rub between the tube and the cover, creating wear and holes. Dragging tubes can puncture the inner tube or a slow leak in the bladder.
Punctures can easily repaired with Aquaseal (for small holes / tears less than 8 cms in length). Please follow instructions allowing at least 24 hours to dry.
Any questions please give us a call - 07 386 8474

Posted: Sat 27 Jan 2024